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Multimat Discovery 10XL Premium Sleeping Mat

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All the mats in the Multimat Premium range are designed for year-round camping but there may be times on the coldest nights when you need a mat designed for five seasons, not four, and the Multimat Discovery fits the bill.

This could be the best foam sleeping mat you’ll find if you’re looking for that balance between warmth, cushioning and portability in cold conditions.

Its thicker than the basic mat in our Premium range and is also extra-long and extra-wide to provide a larger, more comfortable sleeping area that you’re sure to appreciate.

Yet it can still be rolled up to less than seven inches thick, weighs a little over half a pound and comes with two elasticated retaining bands to make it easy pack and carry.

For the best foam sleeping mat to find the balance between comfort and mobility, the Multimat Discovery is the obvious choice.



  • Highest quality physically cross-linked polyolefin foam for comfort and long lasting performance
  • 2x elasticated bands
  • Component temperature tolerance: -80oC to +100oC



Size 1850x550x10mm (XL)
Weight 305g
Season Rating 5
Tog Value 2.52
Compactness 550x170mm
Colour MoD